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We simplify human factors to help organisations enable frontline workers to harness the human factor and create safer, better workplaces

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Human factors can seem complex and mysterious. But it doesn't need to be this way. Kognivate can demystify human factors so human factors thinking and practices become an every day part of the way that your team do things. 


Safety & Reliability

It’s widely recognized human factors can help people to make less errors. In other words, get things right, more often. So you have less downtime, less damage and most importantly less harm to people.



Using the best learning from psychology, and neuroscience we’ve developed a straight-forward system that helps managers, supervisors and frontline workers, recognise the human factor in their daily work. 

Our Team

What makes us special?

Our expert knowledge of human factors psychology, and improvement, combined with rigorous frontline experience.


Led by a charted psychologist, Kognivate's lead team members have advanced academic degrees in workplace behaviour and change. However, while our heads have been in the books, our feet are planted firmly on the ground, and we have a wealth of experience gained at the sharp end.  To find out more about our unique background, click the button below.



We can help you find out how well you are harnessing the human factor and  we can show you how to make the most of your opportunities to grow and develop. 



Our Human Factors Reimagined training provides the perfect foundation for creating human factors thinking in managers, supervisors and frontline workers.



We can be there to support you while you harness the human factor so  your positive changes stick.



Director - Asset Integrity

Human Factors Re-imagined is an intuitive flexible learning tool. It provides awareness of behaviours and surroundings which are relevant to most industries, and is the bridge between not knowing, and understanding  how your interactions affect your surroundings, particularly around safety and performance.


Corporate Health and Safety

The Kognivate human factors learning modules are an excellent insight into understanding and applying their concept into everyday operations with a simplified approach. Easily digestible with current relatable topics, methods and explanations. The learning content found me wanting to complete all sections as it is enjoyable and gets a strong message across.

A perfect 10/10.


 Offshore Crane Operator

 I found myself seeing things from a different perspective. I can recommend watching this set of videos to anyone who wishes to put the pieces of the puzzle together in their working environment. These concepts are applicable to the daily challenges faced in a complex and dynamic field, such as the offshore oil and gas industry.

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