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How We Can Help

Bridging the Human Factors Gap. 

Our Human Factors Reimagined system fills the gap that traditional approaches miss. We embed human factors at the frontline, to find out more watch our human factors gap video. Discover why it's so important to bridge the gap in human factors knowledge and competency between specialists, safety professionals and frontline workers. 

Human Factors Reimagined

Human Factors Reimagined is designed to produce workers who are error-wise and risk literate. It was created to be fun, and interesting while getting across evidence-based concepts to make a real difference in the every day working practices of people who are at the front line. 

Our training tools are versatile and can be used as a foundation for workshops, as well as having the ability of being embedded into your organisation's learning management system.  This can help you capture all employees and demonstrate human factors knowledge and build competency.

To take a peek at a sample of what your team will get to learn, click on the video.

Steering you to Human Factors Success  

Human Factors in Well Control & Pressure Control.  

We can provide bespoke training in Human Factors and Pressure & Well Control. Bringing together the expertise of Kognivate and Well-Control specialists AB Intervention, to deliver training that is fun, educational and effective. The training combines the best learnings from crew resource management and applied psychology, with practical well-control knowledge.

Find out more about how we can help you harness the human factor

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