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Get to Know Us

Our Story

Every story has a beginning and Kognivate is no different. Many years ago, Jared (see below) was a blue collar nightshift worker on a production line. As most people do, he viewed himself as capable and conscientious.  Yet, one night his hand got caught in moving machinery. Luckily there was no lasting damage, but that experience drove an insatiable desire to know why good people, trying to do a good job, end up in situations where jobs go very wrong. Kognivate's Human Factors Reimagined approach is the culmination of two decades of experience and learning.To find out more about us keep on reading.  


Dr Jared Dempsey PhD, Director

An industrial psychologist, Jared has spent over 20 years researching, teaching and consulting in the area of human behaviour and human factors. The last ten years has focussed on oil and gas projects, including over five years working on rotation working on oil rigs and platforms.

Chartered Psychologist Logo - Individual

 Our Values


Above all else we are true to our humanity

We will not compromise safety or health

We cherish valued relationships


We provide evidence-based solutions in the best interest of our client partners

We speak plainly -  free from jargon and pretence


We research to evolve

We thrive on feedback

We are creative

We face our limitations

We value healthy conflict

Projects and Administration Team

We have a super-talented pool of editors, illustrators and technical experts who we routinely collaborate with in order to take interesting and fresh ideas from concept, to design to production.


They are the real stars of Kognivate and tirelessly work their magic to make Human Factors Reimagined shine.

We'd Love to Know About Your Story and Your Values

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